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Thread: Need International Smartphone - suggestions please

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    Need International Smartphone - suggestions please

    I need a new Smartphone to use on business trips to Europe and Asia, so GSM is a must. Since my budget is set at $200 or less, which phone would you recommend that has all of the following:
    = Android 2.3 or Higher OR Windows latest version
    = 4G capable
    = Quad Frequency that can be unlocked or comes unlocked since I use both AT&T or T-Mobile overseas and at home
    = Wi-fi access and SmartPhone functionality
    = Camera - (hopefully but not required - with flash, wit zoom, and auto focus
    = GPS even if it is via wi-fi access to Google or other good map company
    = Takes a microSD card and SIM cards
    = Has a USB connection and hopefully PC software for downloads and easy entry of contact information
    = Size is not a big issue since I will carry it in my briefcase not a pocket
    = The bigger the screen the better, for entry keyboard and for reading the text and emails

    I know that is quite a lot of functionality, so what make and model $200 Smartphone, do you recommend?

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    I'm not sure when you wrote this page but the perfect phone for your situation and requirements, sounds like it could be the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Quad-Core CPU International version. From what you just wrote regarding requirements that you need this phone to have - the Galaxy S3 International seems perfect.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. I've got a site that constantly scans the lowest price of the new Galaxy S3 smartphones, both U.S. and International - you can stop by and see if the price is low enough for you budget yet (it's pretty steep).

    The absolute cheapest that I've found for a Galaxy S3 (1 day old - still in box) was #380 U.S. on Craigslist - This was a super great deal seeing how they are going for over 400+ (used) on Amazon all day.

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    It depends on whether you want a contract here.

    If you want a contract, there are many new T-Mobile international smartphones that are under $200 pre-tax that would have at least T-Mobile "4G" or AT&T international 4G LTE. The best way to see these is to check their respective websites and search with those criteria you are looking for.

    If you would like one without a contract, the closest new and with at least most of the features I have seen as of right now with T-Mobile "4G" is the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G. It currently is listed under $200 under the prepaid phones for T-Mobile.

    If you would like to get one of these phones, you will also have to find someone to unlock it and budget it in as well if you need it unlocked almost immediately.

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