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Thread: App for android thats works with facetime

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    App for android thats works with facetime

    is there an app that will work with iphone facetime... I know there are oovoo and tango which is the better of the two.. Ill be using it to call an iphone...Thanks

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    Usually both phones must be running the same application.
    FaceTime is not compatible with non-Apple devices or any other video calling services.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    My friend has used Tango to call her family on the other side of the world with both using iPhones or her using an Android tablet and them using an iPhone. She has reported that everything works well and has not had any problems.

    But like efparri said, you both will need to install the Tango app on whatever mobile device you will be using to communicate.

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    Tango works almost like FaceTime.
    FaceTime is ONLY for iOS devices with a front and rear camera and only works over WiFi.
    Tango is an app available for iOS AND Android devices and can work over a cellular data connection :-)

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    There is also Qik Fring Skype and everyone has to have the same app.It would be nice if someone could write S/W to cross all platforms but Apple and MS and Android would fight that.And not to burst anyones bubble if your phone is jail-broke and not sure about being rooted you will receive a message saying that (Skype) does not allow you to use there App if you are,But there is a way around it for iphone you can install Xcon,which is updated alot for Apps that dont want you to use if you Jail break..

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