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Thread: Activate Nokia 5190 or similar

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    Activate Nokia 5190 or similar

    Feeling nostalgic lately.. I have been using smartphones since their inception and am currently running Androids and iPhones. But wanted to see about activating an older Nokia like I had in my 20's, say a 5190 or something like that.

    I have done quite a bit of research on this, still not finding out what I'm needing. These older Nokia's use a SIM, are on 1900mhz, however I'm unsure if they will work with today's network and MY SIM.

    I am on Straighttalk, MVNO AT&T SIM.

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    Let me know if this worked for you, I am going to try something similar soon.
    Mourning the loss of my Nextel i325 but still using a bag phone.

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