I didnt see any other threads showing how, just asking how. But i broke my screen monday and thought since I didnt see any I would make a How To.

I take no responsibility if you destroy your phone

I have to ties to this place it just happend to be somewhere in the US that i could buy a screen from in white. http://www.cellphone-repair-shop.com

The arsenal, basic mini magnetic screw driver set, and a guitar pick

This is how the screen comes and explains why they are $200 its half the phone

1 remove battery cover , battery, sim card, and sd card if you have one.

2 remove the 7 screws that have red arrows pointing at them, you might keep the order but they seemed to be all the same to me

3.use your finger nail and pick to pull housing apart at the volume rocker and slide down pushing in occasionally to help separate

4. remove all connectors and the 2 black screws with red arrows. also completely remove the little blue wire its the radio antenna wire you will have to reinsert later.

5. slowly and carefully remove the board

6. remove this board with the arrow pointing at it from the arrow side you can use your hands or a pry tool

7 remove the small screw from this board shown with the red arrow and remove the board, just becareful there is adhesive where the yellow arrow is pointing

8. remove the earphone/speaker with your fingers pulling from the earphone jack, it has some adhesive on the earphone jack

9 use a small flat head and pry up the metal part and this will remove it exposing the front camera and proximity sensor

10. use a small flat head screwdriver to carefully pry up the the proximity sensor where the red arrow is this has adhesive holding it down, if it doesnt come up with the adhesive you will want to remove you will have to reuse it

and there ya go. now all your have to do is take your new screen and reverse all the steps and everything should work just fine

thanks for looking