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Thread: How to retrieve deleted text messages with NO SIM card = Verizon

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    How to retrieve deleted text messages with NO SIM card = Verizon

    I am wondering if there is any program or software that can help retrieve deleted text messages from a Verizon phone, a LG enV2 to be specific. I have been searching web and have found plenty of SIM card readers but nothing for the phones without SIM card. I called Verizon they said need a court order. Not doing that obviously, who know it could be this darn hard. Thanks.

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    I am not aware of any method to retrieve a deleted text message, even on phones with a SIM card. Cell phones generally do not save text messages on a SIM due to their limited memory capacity. You might be thinking about removable micro or mini SD card. I wish you luck, but don't think you can retrieve the deleted messages.
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