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Thread: casio commando accelrometer problems

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    casio commando accelrometer problems

    my casio commando is decent for a waterproof smartphone but it has one horribly bothersome feature that I believe is an overactive accelerometer but I'm open to heare -- maybe even hoping -- that there could be another explanation.

    You put thing down or move it quickly and it skips a song on pandora or makes an unwanted call, or both. it just has a mind of its own which is particularly frustrating. not to mention that the phone software is pretty kludgy, so I have to press like 4 ort 5 buttons to actually call someone. if i hit the call log and there are several recent calls to the same person I have to actually chose a call and then it comes up and i actually have to chose from a list of options to return a call. if this prevented me from virtually ever making accidental calls, maybe i would appreciate it, but despite the grief i have to go through to make a call, the phone just calls people on its own a half dozen times a day.

    in another problem that may be related to the acceleromter or . . . , i'll be in the middle of the call and the screen display disappears or at least some of the phone buttons do, so I need to press an extension and the option to bring up the keypad, or hang up the call is not on the screen. every once and a while I get a little balloon about certian options not being available. if i shake the phone vigorously, occasionally the display will come back. sometimes i have to exit the phone call and then use the return to call function to get any useful screen and again, if i move the phone to my ear or anywhere quickly the display can disappear again.

    some of this is software responding to the accelrometer, but I don't know of anyway to set preferences to turn these functions off. this is a fairly recent phone so i assume it has the latest firmware but this has driven me nuts since I got my first one over a year ago.

    finally, i associate a similar undesired triggering response with the earphone jack. this is accerbated because the waterproof earphone jack has a very small opening and many jacks do not insert all the way unless I carve away the rubber plug end to almost nothing. but if you do anything that the phone can interpret as quickly making and breaking the physical switch that tells the phone whether is a male plug in the jack all kinds of undesirable and unintended things happen from unwanted song switching to unintended phone calls.

    This is another function I would love to be able to limit through preferences.

    Any help would be appreciated as, although I'm generally satisfied with the phone, when these problems happen i am tempted to take a bigger hammer to it. don't know if that is covered by my insurance.


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