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Thread: Program to have texts sent to another phone?

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    Program to have texts sent to another phone?

    I have seen there are some programs out there that you can install secretly to have the texts from one phone sent to another phone but they all seem to use the SIM card to load it on. Verizon phones don't use removable SIM card so cant use those. Does anyone know of any that work with Verizon? I can see texts via the website that came and went but not what the content is and the person I want to track keeps deleting them, I don't want to confront them that I know about this until I can see if there is a way to track them unknowingly. They are on my contract so not a stranger.

    I posted a few days ago about any way to retrieve the deleted texts and have not received any answers taht indicates that is possible so thought this may be another way around it. I have called Verizon and they say need a court order to get the deleted texts and its not that important.

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    You can send/rcv emails from your phone. That might be an option. Only requires a data connection, no text messaging plan.
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