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Thread: Credit Approvals for WindTab

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    Credit Approvals for WindTab


    Does anyone know if Wind has loosened up the credit requirements to qualify for WindTab? I know not much more than a year ago, when I first joined Wind, the credit requirements were high (a credit score above 600 as a min)

    I'm interested in getting a Galaxy Nexus but only if I can do it on WindTab even if it only saves me $150-$200. (Irresistable 35 plan).
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    Back in October I was able to get $300 on the WindTab+ for a Nexus S. I work part-time and had about 1 year of credit history when I got the tab. My credit score was slightly higher than 600 if I recall correctly.

    I also know a guy who was able to get $500 on the Tab for the Galaxy Nexus last month. He's working full-time for Bell right now and had a really short credit history.
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    I have the irr35 plan, but I believe the wintab amount also depends on wind's policy.

    I have pre-approved limit of 1000 in wind's system, yet I can only get $150 on tab unless wind runs some special promotion of $200 tab.

    so I guess the max you can get is $150 (or $200 for promotion).

    You can ask the staff to check your account, it will show you the approved limit.

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    I had a $1000- when i looked to get a Windtab+ but I just called in to ask a question and asked if i can get another Tab on my third line and was told sure you have $2000- limit.
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    It's determined that you will either receive $1000 or $2000 in WINDtab allowance.

    If your existing lines utilizing the tab system have not used up your allotment (either $1000 or $2000 depending on credit approval), the system by default will allow you to add on subsequent tabs for additional lines.

    While I don't deal with i35s everyday, I know that any plan not $40 or more will only be granted the maximum $200 for WINDtab.

    p.s. there's no such thing as WINDtab vs WINDtab+ anymore. It's strictly referred to as WINDtab for all customers, with the capacity to receive the upper limit (towards $500) on Wind40 as opposed to the lower limit (up to $200) on the Wind25.

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