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Thread: iPhone 4S - Verizon asking for SIM card number? International Data usage delay?

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    iPhone 4S - Verizon asking for SIM card number? International Data usage delay?

    Has this happen to anyone? I bought a Verizon iPhone 4S (not unlocked) directly from Apple and activated on my Verizon account. When I went to Europe for 2 weeks, and called Verizon to turn on my international data roaming. Verizon asked me for my Sim card number on my 4S. I thought Verizon 4S has the embedded sim card and they're suppose to already know what your sim card number is?

    The Verizon 4S didn't even come with a Sim removal tool, fortunately, I have an ATT iPad, so I had the Sim card removing tool. Why would they ask you for the Sim card number if they don't want you to remove the Sim card?

    Another weird problem I had was the data usage was delayed for a week before it is reported on Verizon website. When I had the iPhone4 CDMA, I went to Korea and Japan and the data roaming showed up within 2 hours. On the 4S with the Sim card, the data usage didn't show up until a few days before I was coming back to the states. I even called Verizon and they couldn't see it either. Could I be setup on the wrong Verizon data roaming plan because of the sim card?

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    Pretty sure you can check the sim number through the phone software and verizon wouldn't know what sim is in your phone because they didn't sell it to you.

    The difference on data reporting is probably due to Syniverse/GSM as there is no way for you to be "set up wrong" and have it work at all.

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