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Thread: APN Thoughts AT&T Sim

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    APN Thoughts AT&T Sim

    Lots of folks are having issues with getting the apn setup and working correctly I myself one of them. When I got my new HTC Inspire 4g There were two apn's both with locks on them one being named 'media net' and the other one 'mms'
    I fallowed the Straight talk instructions by first backing up the original apn's and deleting them I then added the single apn as instructed by straight talks AT&T sim I take in mind that I have poor reception here and am using a zboost soho YX545 signal booster, with it I get 3 bars Edge only inside my home.
    For the most part everything works ok but my gf has the net10 lg900g and her POS can send mms pictures faster then my inspire 4g whick makes me wonder if I need to set up the dual apn's naming one straight talk the other mms. There's still some configuring to do cause even the straight talk rep's have had people trying different thing to get their phones working with mms.
    Has anyone tried the dual apn with the AT&T sim card and if so how is it working for you ? And could that be the way my inspire 4g should be. Is it suppose to take 8 to 10 minutes to send a mms "with edge 3 bars" just wondering.

    I already send a message to AT&T about them needing to do a network upgrade in my area

    Interesting Thread on XDA site about the apn configuration settings for ATT
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