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Thread: Problem editing APN settings in iphone 3g 8gb

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    Problem editing APN settings in iphone 3g 8gb

    Ok, so I got my straight talk sim card working in my iphone 3g. Calls work fine, and internet works, but I can't send or recieve picture (MMS) messages.

    I even went to and istalled the correct profile for straight talk, and still cannot send or recieve MMS. My only guess is that I need to go in and edit the apn settings, and change the proxy to something else.

    I can't find a way to manually change the APN SETTINGS. When I go to, it just lets me choose straight talk, and NOT able to edit any APN.

    I am pulling my hair out over here with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    To get the MMS settings, you'll need to jailbreak your iPhone. Once that is done and Cydia is installed, you'll need to install TetherMe. From there, you can modify the MMS settings.
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