My husband has a Tundra that, several times a day, cannot be heard by the person he is calling. He can hear them fine, but his voice is not heard. If he takes the battery out, and leaves it out for about 30 seconds, after putting it back in, he usually can be heard then. Sometimes he has to do this several times to get it out of that stage.

During those times that he cannot be heard, he does have use of the speakerphone. The phone is used, and has worked fine up until a few days ago, and has of course no warranty. He has had it about 9 months and had no problems whatsoever.

Has anyone on the forum had this situation occur, and know if resetting everything to default status would help? Or is it possible the speaker is going out gradually? It just seems odd that it is so intermittant, and not happening all the time. And also, that the battery taken out can fix it for a short time.

Please give me any kind of advice about what we can try. The phone is in very good condition, so I think it would be worth fixing.
Thanks in advance for any help!!