I notice the booklet that came with my LG800G has the following on Page 3.7:
Setting up your Bluetooth.

Would someone be kind enough as to explain just what this is? It mentions a headset and to have the headset within a range of 30 feet from the LG800G.

Is that what I see people in the street having on their ear (the headset)? And they can carry on a conversation through that headset?

Would it be something that is already installed on this LG800G and I wouldn't have to buy or install anything else? And I wouldn't have to pay anything extra, just the regular minutes used during the phone call?

Does the Bluetooth do anything else, other than allowing me to talk on the ear headset?

If the answer to all of these questions is "Yes," would I just have to purchase a headset? How would I go about that?

Thanks for any help in making me understand what this "Bluetooth" is all about.