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Thread: Can't send or rcieve pictures messages "unable to download. try again later"

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    Angry Can't send or rcieve pictures messages "unable to download. try again later"

    (apologise if this is the wrong forum, im new to the site) I have a samsung mini and im on tesco mobile network i am unable to recieve or send picture messages. everytime i try to download a picture sent to me it comes up with an error message saying "uable to download. try again later" the same happens when i try to send a message. whats the problem and how can it be fixed? PLEASE help!

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    i had a similar issue with my galaxy s II skyrocket. I searched online a bit and i found somewhere that if i shut off wifi , and just let the 3g/4g network download it then it would work. I tried it, and it did. Give it a shot.

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    THANK YOU! This worked perfectly. I also disabled auto retrieve to get individual download buttons (using another forum tip). So together I get
    to control the downloads (and 3G/4G usuage) and actually get to see the picture.

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