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Thread: T-Mobile US wifi calling with OS 7.1?

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    T-Mobile US wifi calling with OS 7.1?

    I just got the 9790 and updated it to 7.1.336 on T-mobile in US and do not have the wifi calling option. Is there some way to get this working? Does anyone else have it up and running?

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    Do you have a TM branded phone?
    GoogleVoice (domestic call forwarding and cheap intl. calls) Use GV to give us a "home" number in a 2nd location
    8 T-Mobile lines - Unlimited talk and text, data. TM One plan. Get $10/mo. rebate on 7 lines for low data use. Net cost about $185-190/mo. We haven't had a landline in more than 17 years.

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    It is not a t-mobile branded phone. But I took a risk and tried this - it worked!!

    UMA for Tmobile

    although i didn't have to since the certificats came with the service books, but just in case (download these certificats on the phone directly)

    unincript the help screen using
    Zibri's Blog: Hidden things are usually the best

    1. At the EScreen select <Mobile Network Engineering Screens>
    2.. Select <Utilities>
    3. Select <Session Manager>
    4. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <UMA Options>
    5. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <New>
    6. Enter the following: Display Name: T-Mobile Operator Name: T-Mobile UMA Protocol version: 1.0.3 (I used 1.0.4 i think)
    7. Unselect <use default UNCS> and enter use Port: 14001
    8.Unselect <use default SEGW> and enter
    9. Select the SEGW certificate named T-Mobile USA, ing. Engineering and Operations CA (OR SIMILAR BROWSE ALL TILL YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONE)

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