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Thread: Please Please Help! New Blu Studio 5.3 phone onto Straight Talk AT&T problem!!

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    Please Please Help! New Blu Studio 5.3 phone onto Straight Talk AT&T problem!!

    Hi Guys,

    My first post and I really hope I can get some fast help with this issue.
    I'll try to keep this simple (although I've been going crazy for a few days)

    I decided I was done with Sprint and further decided to go to Straight Talk (.com) on the AT&T network, bring your own phone etc. unlimited plan $45p/m

    OK, so I ordered 2 Blue Studio 5.3 android smartphones (basically a Samsung Galaxy Note but half the price)

    The phones arrived!

    I ordered 2 SIM cards from Staright Talk.

    The SIMS arrived!

    I followed the easy instructions for sign up of the plan, made my APN seetings in the phone as instructed, inserted the SIM and waited. A few minutes later, new service, so far so good

    I made my first call, no damn good! The other party could hear me just fine, I couldn't hear anything but the odd word here and there.... Hmm tried again, same thing, called someone else, they can hear me, I can't hear them (maybe a word every now and then and that's it)

    I figured the phone 3G slot was bad so i put the SIM in the 2G slot (yes, this phone has 2 SIM slots)

    Everything seemed OK (but not great) using the 2G slot.
    I was convinced the phone was bad....

    But I ordered two remember? So yep, I tried the SIM in the other identical phone and the problem was the same! Grrrrr
    Now I'm convined the SIM must be bad. I contacted Straight Talk and they reactivated me all over again using the second SIM I already had.

    Guess what? SAME PROBLEM!! Two phones, two SIM's, same problem!! The party I call (or they call me) can hear me just fine, I can't hear a damn thing they are saying.


    a) Would any of you good people have any idea whatsoever what the issue might be?
    b) The phone? really? both of them?
    c) The SIM maybe? really? both of them?
    d) Have you had the same problem?
    e) Settings somewhere maybe?

    The weird thing is, a buddy of mine did the same thing two weeks ago with the same phone and service etc. and zero issues, working great on 3G as it should be.

    Right now I'm stuck and I would VERY much appreciate any assistance with this F'd up situation.

    Thank You


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    Have you tried a headset or speaker phone etc? How about a different part of town so you're on a different tower?
    I don't really see that the SIM would allow audio to work in one direction but not the other, it seems more like a signal issue or a firmware problem that is common to both phones. Trying the headset or different tower in town should eliminate some possibilities.
    Check the phone's software version against whatever is the latest online as well.

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    Thank You.
    Actually I forgot to say, I did put it on speaker phone and it was much better (weird?)
    Also, all of the calls just drop completely after about 45 seconds

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    My wife and I each have a Blu Studio 5.3. Mine is on ST (AT&T) and her's is on H2O (also AT&T). Both work perfectly.

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    Sounds like a signal issue.
    At my home I only get edge 2 or 3 bars and sometimes have call issues but when I'm in a better signal zone It's perfect.

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    Hi guys.
    I know someone also that has the same kind of issue, too many dropped calls, and seems like sound quality/distortion issues.
    Way more than his older phone (Nokia E71)
    This is the Blu Studio 5.3 and Straight Talk. If anyone has more insight...-please share..

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