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Thread: LG Spectrum VS920 4G

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    LG Spectrum VS920 4G

    I recently resigned with Verizon Wireless and picked up the Spectrum. I really like the phone, but there is little out here on the internet about customizing the phone other than rooting it. At this point I do not want to root it and void the warranty. But there are some things I would like to change but cannot figure out how. Such as boot sounds and the locked menu (phone, contacts, messaging and Apps). Any information or links are appreciated.

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    Can just give you my experience with Bionic.

    Wallpaper: Might as well find something you enjoy looking at. Stock sucks. If you don't already use something from your Gallery, some good Live ones are: Galaxy, Giraffe Live Wallpaper Lite, Grass, Spectrum, Sun Rise (Free), Vortex Galaxy, Water, and Waveform.

    Home replacement: Gives you limited flexibility. Eg, I hate horizontal scrolling in app drawer cuz its slower. Launcher pro gives you vertical. It seems abandoned but I still like it.

    I trashed everything on home screen except for dock which is nontrashable.

    Minimal widgets: I like Fancy Widgets weather, Moon Phase. They work well with some live wallpapers to make a natural scene.

    I use the one home screen rather than more. Simpler and faster.

    I hate the stock dialer, contacts, etc. It seems each manufacturer has their own stock (color, font variations, etc) and they are irreplaceable. Eg, you can install and use a dialer app (dialer one looks nice) but it then transfers the "call" function to the stock dialer, rendering it useless. So I didn't attempt to replace the other functions. But I see now that Contapps looks nice, but calls still go through the stock dialer.

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