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Thread: ICS Update --- ATTENTION PC MOBILE UMB users

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    ICS Update --- ATTENTION PC MOBILE UMB users

    I have been using this phone with PC Mobile for more than a year with no problems. I use the APN settings for

    This morning, I got notification of the update to ICS 4.04 for my Nexus S. I did the update and now have lost my internet connection with this phone. I put the SIM into non-ICS phone and it works fine.

    Can anyone tell me what changes to make to the APN to get this working again?

    Is there a way to downgrade from ICS 4.04 back to the original firmware?


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    I did the update this morning, but using my Fido account. When I tried using the PC Mobile SIM (and, data worked fine. I just checked again now and it's still working.

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    Mine is now working. I found out the users who went through proxy servers with TMobile and with Bell (in Canada) had the same issue as did I. The APN's were modified due to new options added within the ICS 4.03 and 4.04 versions. The solution is easy. Delete the APN, reboot the phone and then go back into settings/APN and re-enter the information. Works like a charm once again.

    I was kinda hoping for LTE but I guess you can't have everything. LOL. My other phones haven't taken the update, yet. They are all working well.

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