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Thread: TMo 5 Lines, Swap ATT

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    TMo 5 Lines, Swap ATT

    Hey! I have a 5-line 800 min. MyFaves family plan available June 1 - currently paying $211/mo, breaks down as follows:
    $70/mo 1st 2 lines
    $10/mo x3 addl lines
    $20/mo x2 android web

    $10/mo unlimited family text
    $10/mo unlimited tmo/tmo & uma (wifi calling)
    $5/mo family allowances (to set limits on each line)
    $5/mo x2 discount preferred web non-smartphone data (normally $10/mo - can use on any line)

    $35/mo taxes & misc fees

    many features discounted or no longer available. contract thru Feb 13 (can drop $20 android data Dec 12)

    we use a google voice # as 1 "fave" on each line, so we rarely go over 100 mins./mo. would most like to swap for an ATT family plan w/similar grandfathered options (eg a-list, $10/mo non-smartphone data, mobile/mobile, etc) - can offer TMO phones if needed (eg androids like samsung vibrant, G2, mytouch 4g slide, or non-androids like bberry 9530 storm w/all data working but only edge speed, etc - I have tons of phones/options) - but if you're needing this kind of plan w/no swap feel free to contact me to discuss options.

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