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Thread: Sprint LG Phone LX160 Compatible w/PagePlus?

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    Sprint LG Phone LX160 Compatible w/PagePlus?

    Several months ago, I found a Sprint LG phone, LX160, and after calling the owner, they never came to claim it.

    I'm wondering if it would be compatible w/PagePlus. Would it have to be unlocked???

    Could the MEID DEC or HEX be looked up by a dealer to see if it would work?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Contact PPC to ask if the ESN is clean for activation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaggiMagoo View Post
    1. Sprint LG phone, LX160.
    2. I'm wondering if it would be compatible w/PagePlus. Would it have to be unlocked???
    3. Could the MEID DEC or HEX be looked up by a dealer to see if it would work?
    1. Sprint, you say ...
    2. Yes, I've been offered Sprint phones activated on P+ ; I've seen offers to activate my Sprint phone on P+. Unlocking means you can set up the phone "over the air" sorta automatically. Otherwise, a few manual steps with P+ customer service.
    3. Same thing you can do by calling P+ customer service.
    Regards, FJ

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    Yes, it can work

    Hi Mary,

    I have this phone and did get it to work with Page Plus. The phone is rather easy to program since it will give away its MSL/SPC code in QXDM while still in locked mode. You need to set the sec_code to 000000 so that *228 can reprogram the phone and install a Verizon PRL. The phone will display the roaming indicator constantly unless you patch the PRL (using the RL Editor in QPST) to use Sprint-based roaming indicator values. Data can be made to work too with a little bit of effort (using the ##DATA command), however the browser built into the phone doesn't have a lot memory available and I get a lot "Page too big" errors even for something simple like so it is probably not worth it.

    To get the phone online quickly and cheaply, I recommend paying $5 for an unlimited half flashing account. That service will get the phone up and running on Page Plus with voice and without the roaming indicator always on very easily.
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