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Thread: Will Tzones work on Desire HD?

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    Will Tzones work on Desire HD?

    I have the HD2 and screen has stopped responding, so i have a phone that i cant use unless someone calls i can press the answer button.. but thats it..

    Since i found HTC Sync im looking to change over from WM to Android, so liked what i read and saw about the Desire HD. But question is, will my tzones work like it does on my HD2 Android?

    I was tempted to get another HD2, but for the price difference between the two, i may just op for getting the Desire instead.

    I did a search on the forum for "Desire HD Tzones" and all links seem to point to the HD2 instead..

    Can anyone verfiy it works on their Desire HD?


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    Anybody? I'm wondering as well.

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