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Thread: HTC Incredible AT&T?

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    HTC Incredible AT&T?

    I currently have Verizon service. I may be switching to AT&T in the next few months. I currently have an HTC Incredible (not the Incredible 2, the original Incredible) with the extended battery.

    My question is, do they make an HTC Incredible for AT&T? If not, is there any other phone that would use my extended battery that would work on AT&T's network?

    I like the Incredible, I like it's size. I'd be fine with buying an AT&T compatible HTC Incredible off of ebay, if I had to. But I searched there and didn't see any that were compatible with AT&T, so that made me think that it's not compatible with AT&T. But then the question becomes, is there a phone where I can make use of my extended battery on AT&T?

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    It's good that you switched service. I prefer AT&T.I will check about the battery and post later on.The one I think might also benefit you is Skinomi's HTC One X screen protector for At&T. I've got one recently. I bought is from Amazon. As cheap as $0.95 and they claim to give lifetime warranty, as long as I need it. Not sure how long my phone will last, though. LOL. Till now the service is good. I checked the instruction and installed it. They say the protector can prevent UV rays that can cause yellowing and it is also scratch proof.

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    Go over to phonescoop and select the carrier tab, then AT&T. It will show you all the phones currently on AT&T. They don't have the Incredible series as that was done specifically for Verizon here in the states. You can probably find another phone that is built off the same platform, however.

    I too prefer AT&T, having had a horrible experience with Verizon's spotty coverage and unhelpful customer service.

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