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Thread: [Live wallpaper] Fireflies, butterfly and frog Free (No ads)

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    [Live wallpaper] Fireflies, butterfly and frog Free (No ads)

    Secret corner of a frog, at daytime also a butterfly and at night fireflies come.

    In the still waters of a big lake protected by high reeds, lives a curious frog that from time to time shows her head over the water and says “croak”

    At daytime a butterfly flutters around the reeds and sometimes rests in a branch.

    At night all gets dark and fireflies fill the place with their magic lights and hypnotizing movements.

    If you touch the frog, she hits the water with her paw and splashes drops to the mobile screen shaping a clock (only paid version)

    It synchronizes at time of daytime and night.


    Screen shots:

    Video Youtube:

    Mobile elements:
    * Water of the lake
    * Frog
    * Butterfly (daytime)
    * Fireflies (night)
    * Clock (only paid version)

    Configurable elements:
    + Mode daytime and night (Automatic/always daytime/Always night)
    + Level of darkness of night mode
    + Butterfly color*
    + Fireflies colors*
    + Fireflies number
    + Time of presence of clock in the screen*
    + Kind of clock drops*
    + Chose frog (there are 3 different frogs)*
    + Time of presence of frog over the water
    + Frog sound (on/off)
    + Speed of water movement
    + Adjust Landscape mode
    (* only paid version)

    IMPORTANT: According to memory conditions,it may not be able to set normally. In that case, please try again or/and restart your portable terminal and set it again.

    Android 2.1 and up.

    COARSE (NETWORK-BASED) LOCATION is necessary to determine daytime and night.

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    If you like it, please give us 5 stars in the market

    Thank you very much !!!!

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