Pardon if I'm posting to the wrong forum, but I feel like I'm stuck between Nokia, Windows Phone and Simple Mobile.
I got a Lumia 800 about two months ago. I did have a problem getting the Internet to work. It took me a day and some intense googling but I got it to work. It has worked fine.
Day before yesterday, the Zune software(music player of the phone) stopped updating. I was instructed to reset my phone.
Since then I have not been able to figure out to get the data working on my phone.

I've tried several things. I've been in the apn settings many many times.

I've tried it with apn:simple and everything else blank.
I've tried it with apn:simple, proxy:, port:8080
I've tried it with apn:simple, proxy:, port: 8080 (cust serv said use .50 over .050)
I've tried it with apn:simple, proxy: (auto populated port with 80
I've tried it with apn:simple, proxy:, port:80

When I open the browser I get a 503 error code and

Twice it worked for 5 minutes.

I know it is possible, I don't remember what I did two months ago. I want to say there was settings other than APN that made it work.