I have been with H2O since Nov 2010. I would get the $10 refill good for 90 days on the minute plan so that my son could have a phone.

With the recent changes (only 30 days for $10 refill) that I was not aware of before I added more airtime, I ended up with a balance over $20.

I tried calling my family in Germany with the phone to use up some of the minutes, but my sister couldn't hear me, she said there was this beeping in the background.

So I decided to try and donate $20 to two charities through mobilegiving.org

I sent the text to them and then got a confirmation text and replied "yes" to it.

My balance was to expire on 5/3/12 and I donated on 5/2/12. So far the amount has not been deducted yet.

I probably should have done the donating earlier.

I was just wondering if someone else tried this with H20 and how long it took until the money was deducted from the balance?