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Thread: Factory Unlocked iPhone 3gs on Straight Talk

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    Factory Unlocked iPhone 3gs on Straight Talk

    This is my experience with the iPhone 3gs used with Straight Talk Service. Maybe this can help someone.

    I bought an iPhone 3gs off of Craigslist back in March of this year and ordered the Straight Talk SIM card. Activated the SIM card and the phone worked, however just like everyone knows to get the Internet and MMS to work you have to Jailbreak the phone.

    Jailbroke it with the Untethered Redsn0w Jailbreak (The one for that time), downloaded TetherMe, changed my settings and everything was fine..

    When the OS update came out about 3 weeks or so ago, I did the update and my phone is running iOS 5.1. Of course doing that I lost the Jailbreak I had and lost my Internet and MMS settings. Installed the latest Tethered Redsn0w Jailbreak and again downloaded TetherMe, changed my settings and again everything was fine.

    I read the article about AT&T now unlocking iPhones that are “Out of Contract”. Monday April 30th I called AT&T (800-331-0500). Spoke with a Customer Service Rep and explained that I bought an iPhone 3gs off of Craigslist and I wanted to get it unlocked. She asked for the phones IMEI number and I gave it to her. She verified that the phone was “Out of Contract” and put in an order to have it unlocked. She told me I should receive an email in 5-7 days with the instructions to unlock the phone.

    I received an email yesterday with a link and instructions for unlocking the phone. I went though the whole procedure of connecting to iTunes, Backing it up, and Restoring it and bingo, it tells me my phone is unlocked. I then restored all of my stuff back to the phone from the backup I had performed before unlocking it.

    Everything still works with no problems. Internet and MMS are fully functional with no Jailbreak. The only thing I can assume is that the APN settings I had changed the Internet and MMS to for Straight Talk simply stayed as the settings after the unlock. Everything works and I am happy.

    Hopefully this may help some others that may be able to end up doing the same thing I did.

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    Can anyone else confirm this on an iPhone that has NOT been jailbroken? I am considering getting ST but do not want to bother if I have to jailbreak my UNLOCKED phone just to get the internet working.

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    1. When you backed up your iPhone, APN settings also were saved and during restore we're copied to fresh, restored, unlocked iPhone.
    2. You don't have to do full restore to apply AT&T unlock (helpful if don't want to lose jailbreak). iPhone 4 and below can use redsnow to deactivate, iPhone 4s can use SAM to deactivate since redsnow deactivation not supported for 4s.
    3. You don't have to jailbreak to use ST data and MMS. Simply create a profile at and install it.


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    MMS not working on Factory Unlocked Iphone 3GS

    I have a factory unlocked Iphone 3GS that I am using on Straight Talk. Everything, including internet works except for MMS texting. I used the unlockit app and it didn't work. I haven't done any jailbreaks yet, but I tried that on another Iphone and the jailbreak program worked but it did not install cydia and I couldn't figure out a way to do it myself. It ended up just messing up safari and some other Iphone apps which were fixed by an itunes restore. I have tried everything I have found on the internet to get it working but nothing has worked yet. Does anyone have any ideas?

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