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Thread: Instant Messaging (Yahoo YIM) on TracFone?

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    Instant Messaging (Yahoo YIM) on TracFone?

    I've tried searching both here and the TracFone site for a simple question, with no luck.

    Do any TracFones support built-in instant messaging, specifically for Yahoo IM? I've been happy with my LG420G, and very happy with customer service when I needed to get my SIM replaced. I don't really need web browsing (I use my iPod touch for that), and would much prefer to not have to go through the browser to get to YIM.

    I've tried looking at a couple of the higher end phone models at the TracFone site, but I've come up empty.

    Many thanks.

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    That feature would probably involve some sort of financial agreement with Yahoo, and that ain't happenin. Tracfone even has its very own 411 setup. Tracfone branding all the way if possible.

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