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Thread: Upgrade Override (Early Upgrade) Changes Scheduled for June

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    Upgrade Override (Early Upgrade) Changes Scheduled for June

    Due to high costs, the Upgrade Override (14 day /Early Upgrade) program is being decommissioned as of 6/1/12. This program was designed to assist customers within 10-14 days of their upgrade window. We now have other options to assist a customer with an inoperable/broken phone. Do not refer the customer to any other department in Sprint after 6/1/12, as the program will no longer be available to any groups, departments or channels within Sprint.
    The following talking points are options for all customers in need of a new device on or after 6/1/12.

    •Check to see if the customer has TEP. If so, offer the Service & Repair or Insurance options.
    •Offer them the option of purchasing a refurbished device from If they choose the 0-yr term, then their upgrade eligibility and their contract are not reset.
    •If the customer can't be appeased and threatens to disconnect, then transfer them to Account Services per standard process. Account Services has other customer saving offers as well as additional refurb SKUs beyond what's available on
    •If a customer has an operating phone but is looking to upgrade early, let them know they already get a benefit that not all of our customers receive. Their eligibility is automatically rolled back to the first day of the eligible month. So, if their last upgrade was on the 22nd of the month, they already have a 21 day benefit.

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    And as usual, the talking points are bulls**t.
    TEP? lol, right, pay $100 deductible to replace your phone, when you're within 14 days of your upgrade.

    refurb? again, somebody's smoking crack, not going to buy a refurb 14 days ahead of my upgrade to replace a broken phone, esp if i have to wait for it to ship

    Just gotta love the idiots who write these talking points. I wonder how often either of those solutions will mollify the customer and resolve the problem?

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    Does this constitute a valid reason for terminating your service without incurring an ETF?

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    Not at all. Why would it? This is just a simple courtesy that Sprint was offering, not something written into the contract.

    As to why Sprint feels the need to strip away every courtesy and customer friendly policy, I have no idea.

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