T-Mobile Wing.
Soft reset the device.
Input functions work perfectly.
Press power off.
Press power on.
Input functions not correct.
Start File Explorer.
Clicking a directory name alternately highlights the name.
I can highlight multiple directories.
I cannot open the directory.
Start notes.
I cannot draw on the note. Selecting draw mode does nothing
except check the entry in the menu. Still acts like type mode.

Soft reset the device.
Input functions work properly until the next power cycle.

I don't have any experience with a PDA with a
hardware keyboard, but it looks like the keyboard selection functions
get screwed up too.

Symptoms suggest that the hardware works and it's a software
initialization problem.

I picked this up at a garage sale, so I've never seen it work properly.
Took out the SIM. I don't have service, just want to use it as a PDA.
Would make a nice internet browser and GPS display.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Yes, I've tried a hard reset. No change.
Putting the SIM back doesn't help.