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Thread: Disable Visual Voicemail for iPhone 4

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    Disable Visual Voicemail for iPhone 4

    Hello guys,
    I currently have AT&T go phone for my iPhone 4. I'm trying to figure out how to disable visual voicemail for my iPhone so all I have to do is tap on voicemail and it dials it directly. Go phone doesn't support visual voicemail so that's y I'm trying to delete it thanks

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    Hold down "1" on the dialpad. The Voicemail app is programmed to try Visual Voicemail first if there is a data connection. If it cannot reach the server, the "Call Voicemail" button appears. If you turn off cellular data, the "Call Voicemail" appears as soon as you press the voicemail button. Visual voicemail does not work over a Wi-Fi connection because Visual Voicemail uses an APN which is only accessible via the cellular data network.
    Earl F. Parrish

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