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Thread: Protection: Our OtterBox Commuter for the HTC One X review

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    Protection: Our OtterBox Commuter for the HTC One X review

    While the HTC One X is a durable phone it has a very delicate finish which scratches and scuffs quite easily. If you own one it's probably worth your while to protect it with a case. Here's our OtterBox Commuter case for the HTC One X review written by our very own Sabesh.

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    OtterBox Commuters are 2-piece protective cases designed to withstand casual drops and spills. This case is designed to provide protection, yet be stylish. Hence, I was happy when Howard got me this to review. There’s no mistaking that it’s a classic OtterBox Commuter: A silicone inner core encompassed by a tough, polycarbonate shell. It comes in stylish packaging with pictorial instructions printed inside the box. OtterBox packaging now has a holographic/3D sticker, perhaps to prevent copies/fakes like BeaverBoxes and WeaselCartons.

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    Durable silicone skin:

    To add protection and guard against drops, the flexible silicone skin covers the rear & edges of the HTC One X. Ports and buttons are protected by silicone flaps & buttons, sealing the entire phone, except for the screen. There are openings for the camera/flash, microphones & speakers.

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    High-quality polycarbonate shell:

    This polycarbonate outer shell wraps around the inner silicone core, giving the HTC One X a tough yet stylish protective case. The shell is slick, hence there is a tendency to slip. When placed on a smooth elevated surface, the Commuter slid down.

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    Self-adhering clear screen protector:

    The case is supplied with a clear screen protector. It's not of high quality and exhibits a bit of haze. The screen protector doesn't cover the entire front section of the HTC One X: Instead, it's a rectangular cutout which only covers the actual screen portion, leaving a bit of exposed glass even after installation of the commuter. I installed a Skinomi skin instead, to cover the entire front. However, the Skinomi "bubbles" at the edges when the Commuter is installed.

    Screen protector placed above the screen to illustrate the exposed portions (not installed yet):

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    Bubble with Skinomi screen protector:

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    Once everything is in place, the case provides access to the speakers, microphones, camera & volume/media buttons. It is a tough & durable case. Once the screen protector is applied, the HTC One X is almost completely covered, except for the openings for camera/flash, microphones & speakers and most disappointingly, the areas above, below & sides of the screen. The polycarbonate shell is somewhat difficult to install over the silicone inner core but gets easier with practice. The fit is perfect and it looks great.

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    • Highly protective case tailor-made for the HTC One X, providing good protection & functionality.
    • Easily accessible media & charging ports.
    • Ports for speakers, microphones, camera.
    • Clear screen protector supplied.


    • Adds a bit of bulk and weight: Not a concern for repeat OtterBox buyers who expect this.
    • Difficult to install the polycarbonate shell over the silicone inner core.
    • Screen protector only covers the rectangular screen area. Portions above, below and sides of the screen remain exposed.
    • Very slippery. If you need a grip, this is not the case for you.

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    Thank you for sharing.

    I can see OtterBox has improved the packaging even it has little to do with the quality of the case itself. Does it attract dust after a while of use?

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    They've improved dust resistance. I hardly have any dust at the exposed silicone parts.


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