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Thread: HTC Thunderbolt to Revol Full Flash (Or and 1x or 3g network)

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    Thumbs up HTC Thunderbolt to Revol Full Flash (Or and 1x or 3g network)

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    Here's a all files in one torrent zip.
    Contains QPST, CDMA WS 2.7 Cracked, HW Virtual Serial Port (DO NOT NEED), PRL, APN:
    (goto the link below to get all the down links)

    Here is what you will need:
    Rooted AnDroid
    USB data cable

    Android drivers
    CDMA Workshop 2.7 or 3.x higher torrent link cdma workshop 2.7: (goto top link for download)

    Hex Editor: (goto top link for download)

    (((THE SETUP))):

    Daig Mode:
    1. Make sure you have root and you have a SENSE ROM. (Will not work with ASOP ROMS)
    2. Goto Dialer and dial ##3424#
    3. Choose Lan + Daig, phone will reboot.

    Extra Drivers Needed:

    Diag drivers:
    (goto top link for download)

    High Tech Computer Drivers:
    (goto top link for download)

    1. If you Pc doesn't read your drivers use theses.
    2. Unzip which one your need.
    3. Goto your Control panel/Hardware/Device Manager.
    4. Right Click on the missing drivers, then Update Driver Software.
    5. Click Browse My Computer For Driver Software.
    6. Click Let me pick from a list of devices drivers on my computer.
    7. Click Have Disk, then goto where you unzip the drivers you just downloaded.
    8. Install then drivers should be fix.

    Getting Com Ports and Qpst and CDMA Setup:

    1. Install Qpst, Unzip Cdma Workshop 2.7.
    2. Plug Usb into Thunderbolt and PC.
    3. Now you need to get back to Device Manager, and go down to Modems.
    4. Right click, Click Properties.
    (Most times the Com Ports for the Thunderbolt are up there in number. This can be a issue with Demo CDMA Workshop.)
    5. To change the port number to CDMA:
    * Goto Advanced Tab
    * Advanced Port Settings...
    * Change it to port 15 or higher to be safe. I will use COM19 for the rest of this.
    * Most will say in use, but ignore if you know nothing is using the port.
    * Click ok
    * Click Yes, then OK.(This COM name is being used.....) * This (HTC USB Modem) is the Main Radio your editing. There are two, because of the LTE.

    6. To change the port number to LTE (9k):
    * In Device Manager go down to Ports (COM&LPT).
    * Right Click on HTC Diagnostic Interface - 9k(COM##), Click Properties. * Click Port Settings Tab, Then Advanced. * Change it to port 15 or higher to be safe. I will use COM22 for the rest of this.
    * Most will say in use, but ignore if you know nothing is using the port.
    * Click ok
    * Click Yes, then OK.(This COM name is being used.....)
    * Exit Device Manager.
    * It might be a good Idea to restart your PC Now. So, you have no issues with CDMA Workshop and Reading the new Ports..

    Unlocking the NVM Folder +
    Meid Change (This is not illegal as long as you own both phones):

    1. Open QPST Folder in Start Menu, then Select QPST Configuration.
    2. Select add new ports.
    3. Select the first port COM19 (Cdma Modem), then ok.
    4. Select add new ports again, then COM22 (9K Modem). Then Ok.
    (If one doesnt show up, Uncheck "Show serials and USB....")
    5. Next goto the top tabs and goto Start Clients. Select ESF Explorer.
    6. The Surf one will be your Main CDMA Modem select it, then ok.

    7. Right Click on and add a new Directory, and name it (open sesame door).
    8. Now you want to goto the Phone tab at the top and select Connect, then YES.
    9. Select the other Modem and as the same new Directory as you did in the other modem.
    (NVM Folder Should be UNLOCKED as it shows in the Picture Above)
    10. Goto Back up to Phone then Connect and select the Surf Modem. 11. After you entered the CDMA modem. Goto The nvm folder then into Num folder. 12. Drag these two files into a folder 1 and 1943.
    (Make sure you know where there at)
    14. Next goto this site (goto top link for this link)
    15. Now this is the issue you will need a doner phone to clone the Meid.
    (Doner phone is a phone that is from the company itself. Make sure its already turned on in your account for Revol)
    16. Open a note pad on your PC.
    17. Copy your Meid into the box on the site you when to and Click Check and Convert.
    18. You are only wanted to worry about Hexadecimal CD. Copy that to your notepad.
    19. Do the Same with your thunderbolt MEID.
    Your notepad should look like this:
    *Doner Phone Meid: A00000*******
    *Thunderbolt Meid: A00000*******

    20. Unzip and open Hex Edit, and between the 1 and 1943 files Edit them and (save only) Do not save as.
    21. Now between the two the Meid is inputed 2 numbers at a time and they go in backwards.
    Not a real meid just exp:

    Thunderbolt: A0 00 00 28 FB of a3
    Doner: A0 00 00 32 BF 03 21

    Where The a3 in the hex edit is you would put 21.
    In hex edit the Meid will look like:
    a3 of FB 28 00 00 A0

    It will be backwards so make sure you do this carefully.
    Just think of the 1 and 1943 file as one. Half the Meid is and and the other Half is in the other.
    The only input You dont change is a0 it will have like a different varible.

    22. After you Change the Number File and SAVE ONLY!!! 23. Drag both files back over to EFS Explorer. If they dont copy over right Delete the 1 and 1943 on the phone, then copy them over.
    24. Exit everything and restart phone. (make sure your Doner Phone is SHut off with the battery off for now on and never turn it on again.
    25. Check the Meid/Esn On both phones and they should Match.

    (((THE FLASHING)))(If your still with me, this is the ending):

    1. Goto this site (goto top link for Links)
    2. Type [email protected] and select CDMA Workshop 2.7 and Generate.
    3. Unzip CDMA Workshop, then Select the smaller size file only. (not a virus, the crack will come up as one. Just accept it)
    4. Under Port: Select COM19 (CDMA COM PORT), Connect and Read.
    (If there is an issue. Make sure Qspt is all the way closed)
    5. Goto Security TAB, Under SPC, type 000000.
    6. Click SPC and Send. (SPC is correct. Phone unlocked)
    7. Next goto Other TAB. Under R-UIM, Click Config and select NV only and Write.
    (Three Success should show up)
    8. Under PRL in the same TAB, Click Write and goto where you unzip the ALL in one torrent file and select the PRL.
    9. Go under the Memory Tab next and find NV Items. Click Write (You must send current SPC....) Click ok.
    10. Find the txt File that came from WhiteRabbit and select it and it should write a few Idems.
    11. Goto Nam TAB next and read.
    12. Change the MIN and Dir_Number to your Revol phone Number. (330*******)
    13. Change System to Home Only and make sure PRL is Enabled, then Write.
    14. Now go back to Main and Change the Port to COM22 (9K Modem).
    15. Goto the Security Tab and send the 000000, under SPC again.
    16. Other TAB R-UIM to NV only and write again.
    17. Now Write the PRLS again, and under memory do the same as before under NV Items.
    18. Exit out of CDMA WorkShop and select YES to reset.
    Now UNDER Dialer, dial ##3424# Click your menu,
    Select Reboot to Enable Embedded mode.
    (Note: If your settings didnt stick try the CDMA Workshop again.)
    19. Call *611 it should say welcome to revol.
    20. Go under your about phone in setting on your thunderbolt and make sure it has the Meid/ESN, the phone number from revol too.
    21. Next goto setting, Wireless & networks, Mobile networks.
    22. Select Network Mode, and change it to CDMA only.
    23. Under System Select change it to HOME Only if it isnt done so yet.
    24. Under About Phone and under Network you should see:
    *Mobile network type: Cdma - 1xRTT
    *Service : In Service

    (((MMS Settings)))

    1. Download Apn BackUp and Restore from Android Market.
    2. APN File is in the all in one torrent zip.

    3. Edit with notepad and put your number in. "[email protected]"
    4. Then save. (dont save as)
    5. Make a Apn Backup.
    6. Goto that apn folder on you sd card.
    7. Delete the File inside the folder. It was just used to make the folder.
    8. The file I had you Download put in the Apn folder on the SD card.
    9. Open Apn, Click restore.
    10. Choose my backup.



    I haven't tested this, but it should work.
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    Cloning neural is illegal under fcc. Also bill before congress as well.

    So what are we gonna do today xda? Why the samething we do everyday.... try to take over the world.....

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    Ok and thanks for letting me know.
    I do need help with getting data to work.
    I am able to get calling and text.

    Side note: 0 file in nvm is the esn (dont forget to change that as well)

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    bring it into a revol store and they can do it for $50 to get 1x data as they do not have 3g until september 2012 and flashed phones may not work with 3g as needing sharded keys and then you may need to do something that is in the grey area.... just go to sprint boost

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