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Thread: I need a good app for free international texting

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    I need a good app for free international texting

    Thanks guys

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    Free?....I USED heywire obra Mexico Andorra it. Works fine

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    Use this list to find the SMS gateway to your contacts and communicate back and forth via email to text, etc...

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    There's 2 ways to do this ... use a app like whatsapp to text overseas but the other user needs to have whatsapp , or download a app like textfree or textplus that actually give u a free number to text overseas .. now if your going over seas both will work on wifi as well

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    Kik and WhatsAap are both good apps, and their data usage is also low. Textplus although a good app uses more bandwidth hence takes time to update.
    I am am traveling in south east Asia right now, so bandwidth is at premium. ( by premium i mean most of the time i am on Edge.)
    For text i am using using combination of whatsup and kik, and for calls back to USA i am using Viber.

    PS: Magicjack+ came in real handy. i am magicjack fan these days lol.....
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