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Thread: Guide - Windows Phone and Straight Talk

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    Guide - Windows Phone and Straight Talk

    Hello fellow Straight Talk subscribers,

    I seem to answer a lot of basic questions on the forum about using Straight Talk services with a Windows Phone and get a lot of PM's about them too. So, I thought I would put a quick guide on how to get data working once you insert your BYOD sim.

    Step 1:

    Go to setting on your phone. I have my pinned to my start screen but you can select it from your app list:

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    Step 2:

    Scroll down to Cellular. Some phones could say network:

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    Step 3:

    Click the "Edit APN" button. You should also enable Data Roaming by hitting the Data Roaming Options drop down.

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    Step 4:

    Only enter the following on the APN line: att.mvno . DO NOT ENTER THE PROXY INFORMATION!!! Windows Live services don't work when proxy information is entered. If you have a T-mobile sim, only enter the following: wap.tracefone . After entering in the APN info, hit the save button and restart your phone (turn it off then on by hitting the power button).

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    You now have the internets and data.


    Each manufacturer has their own app for enabling MMS. To acces it, go to the market place -> select the OEM's own marketplace store -> download app.

    I will get some screen shots later on this week with the different OEM apps. Give me some time and I will show you how to install and configure MMS with them.

    HTC = Connection App
    Samsung = Wireless Manager
    Nokia* = Network Setup

    *if you have a North America version of a Nokia phone, the Nokia Network Setup app has been removed for the time being. I have the xap file of the setup app if you want it. If you have a Lumia 710 or 800, you might be able to update to Tango and get MMS enabled.

    I hope this will answer some questions that seem to pop up on the forum from time to time.

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    reserved for anything that I might need to do in the future

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    Hey i have a Nokia Lumia 800 and was wondering if you can send me the xap file for Nokia Network Setup.. and also if you have any instructions on how to install it.. I would really appreciate it.. Thank you !!

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    What mewan117 said...
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    When you set up MMS configuration through OEM application, it will delete your manual data setting, data, mms will work by doing this, but bing search, app store will not work on 3g.

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