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Thread: Tablet as phone in Straight Talk

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    Tablet as phone in Straight Talk

    Does it possible to use an Android Tablet/iPad as a Phone in Straight Talk or in any other prepaid wireless carrier without a actual phone ?

    Is any one successful in that ? If so, Which tablet you have used and the steps to configure.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Technically yes, but contractually the T&C specifically state you must use a handset. After all, how can they make those "warning calls" to you, LOL?

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    I could see you doing this, and still being able to make calls with a bluetooth using google voice...but like pzwnyc said, it might be against ST's terms.

    And if all you want is data, I would suggest considering a mifi device. The big carriers have them, but there's a few others that are good deals...don't recall the name, but there's one that is like $45/month for unlimited 4g. If all you're using is data anyway, why not get that and connect your tablet to it via wifi, you'll have unlimited 4g.

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    You can make free calls over wifi with the tablet using the vonage app

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