Just took a look at Petro Can's monthly plan options. $8 for unlimited browsing, $30 for either 400 minutes or 300 minutes and unlimited texts (depending on how you use your service, one or the other would be better). $1.25 for 911 fee means for $39.25+tax you're getting a respectable bucket of airtime (out of province but in Canada LD included), texts and browsing. Wind and Mobilicity obviously offer more, but if their coverage doesn't do it for you, I'd say that PC is a better option than Chatr. 100MB is barely anything, so getting no data cap, even with limited ports and options is much better, and 200 minutes is really enough if you're not spending a lot of time chatting on the phone (Virgin's $20/200 min prepaid plan was always a good bundle). Speaking of 200 minutes, for $25 you get 200 mins plus unlimited texts, putting the total plan cost with browsing in at $34.25+tax, making it noticably more competetive.