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Thread: Article: Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Firefox for Android

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    Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade Firefox for Android

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    From the Mozilla press release:

    Mozilla Launches a Speedy and Powerful Upgrade to Mobile Browsing with Firefox for Android

    As a pioneer of the Web, Mozilla unlocked the Web experience on the desktop with Firefox and we are doing it again in mobile. We’re proud to announce a new Firefox for Android is now available for download in the Google Play store. The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile browsing that makes it faster and easier to get where you want to go on the Web.
    Full release and notes here.

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    I gave Firefox a quick try, but I didn't find it any faster than the stock browser on various sample pages I tried and I found that it didn't support things that the stock browser does. For example, when I got to my web page ( and display a map of cell sites, I can't drag the map on Firefox as I can on the stock browser. Clearly this functionality is missing from it. Overall I didn't like Firefox as much as the stock browser and for the time being I've uninstalled it (though I might try it again later if someone can point out a clearly-superior aspect of it).

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    On a tablet, the stock browser is still more powerful than firefox. Faster and lighter on the ram too.

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