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Thread: iPhone 3GS Data speed on Staight Talk

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    iPhone 3GS Data speed on Staight Talk

    I switched my unlocked/jailbroken iPhone 3GS to StraightTalk (used to be on T-Mobile), and ordered ATT compatible sim card. I enabled the 3G on the phone, but the speed I'm getting is no way close to what the ATT 3g speed should be.
    Using the Speed Test app the max I get are the following speeds(tried with diff servers)

    Download: 1942 kbps
    Upload: 180 kbps

    I think it is way too slow for 3G. Anyone else have similar speeds. Or do you think I should be getting more?

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    My speeds have never been that spectacular on my 3GS. Get anywhere between 1-2 mb download and 100-300 kb upload. That's with full signal in Dayton Ohio..

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    That's about right for 3GS. The hardware has limits that are close to that, from what I've seen posted elsewhere.

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