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Thread: OFFICIAL: TracFone Samsung S425g reviews/thoughts

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    OFFICIAL: TracFone Samsung S425g reviews/thoughts

    I bought a S425g to replace my LG 420g on AT&T, and to go along side my R455c on Verizon. The S425g was $99.99 on eBay with a 1yr 400 minute airtime card, which triples to 1200 minutes since this phone has Triple Minutes For Life. It will presumably retail from TracFone for $59.99 like the T404g and R455c QWERTY slider phones.

    Note: This phone is 3G capable which is new for TracFone. That means access to more coverage, possibly better service, and faster internet on the phone.

    No problems at all. I transferred all 900 minutes from my old LG 420g to this phone and it was active and transferred within 15 minutes.

    First impressions:
    Build quality is good. The QWERTY keyboard is fairly easy to type on and it feels sturdy. For the price, absolutely no complaints. I like that there is a dedicated camera button which is becoming a thing of the past on newer smartphones, but I think it's one of the most convenient buttons!

    Call quality and reception:
    So far, good. Call quality on this 3G TracFone is better than my old 2G TracFone. I haven't traveled with it yet but having access to AT&T's 3G network should make for better coverage. The phone should fall back to 2G/EDGE ("E" on the phone) if 3G is not available. Speakerphone gets fairly loud which is nice.

    Text messaging:
    Very easy. Since this is a GSM phone, it allows 2295 characters (it will stitch multiple messages together, though on the receiver's end it may come individually) compared to the 160 on CDMA TracFones. The QWERTY keyboard really helps for text entry. I'm really good with T9 but you can't beat having a full keyboard.

    Being that this phone is 3G, things load much faster. Your internet experience is still limited because of the phone's browser being so simple, but it works great for checking email, Googling, or going on Facebook. No complaints for what it is. It's not a smartphone so don't expect one. It also has an email option which I haven't tried yet; it's a separate menu item.

    Battery life/power:
    Comes with a 1000mAh battery. Battery life seems to be decent. It's been on for 72 hours now and it's down to 3 bars. It came somewhere between full and 4 bars, and I haven't even charged it for the first time yet, so I'm happy.

    Comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, compared to the 0.3 megapixel camera on my old LG 420g and the 1.3 megapixel camera on the R455c. It takes decent pictures, nothing spectacular but good enough to make a 4x6 if you take it outdoors in good light.

    I think this is a great phone for TracFone. It's 3G, has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, has good build quality, and it has a few extra features over the CDMA R455c - most notably, a neater looking music player, voice recording, and email. It also has lots of internal memory (100mb+) AND will accept a microSD card for additional storage. If AT&T (GSM) works better for you than Verizon (CDMA), this is an easy phone to recommend.

    Note about internet/data charges: it appears that the newer 3G models are charging per kilobyte/megabyte, which makes internet browsing cheaper (compared to the standard 0.5 units per minute on older TracFones) for me but MMS aka picture messaging costs a whopping 9 units (compared to 1.5-2 units regularly) if you're sending a large 500kb picture. Supposedly you can get this corrected by contacting TracFone but I haven't done that yet.

    Of course, here are some pics! They're taken from my Radar 4G so they're nothing spectacular, but you get the point

    Castrol EDGE 0W-20 is my drug of choice.

    Primary: iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8
    Secondary: TracFones: iPhone 6 [AT&T] & iPhone 7 [Verizon]
    Mobile Broadband: ZTE Z915 LTE hotspot (5GB for $10) + iPad Mini 4 w/ T-Mobile LTE

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    Hey I have a question, i sent a picture message and it cost me 6 minutes to that normal? I thought it was only supposed to cost 1 minute. Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helen6554 View Post
    Hey I have a question, i sent a picture message and it cost me 6 minutes to that normal? I thought it was only supposed to cost 1 minute. Help
    Hi Helen. You posted this same question under the Sam T404 thread. Which phone do you have -- the T404 or the S425?

    If it is the S425 then yes, MMS picture messaging charges are 10 - 20 times as much as prior Tracfones. This is also true for the recently issued Sam S390.

    Is your phone Net10 or Tracfone?

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    Enjoy your new phone.

    It is nice to have decent 3G browsing speed vs Edge.

    For those who don't know, beware of using the browser with this phone:

    Depending on the site you surf too (e.g. if it is graphic heavy), you could be hammered for tens of units within 1 or 2 minutes of browser time.

    MMS and Data Rates for Sam S425 and S390 higher than the rest of Tracfone

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    Steve Miscisin
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    Re: Tracfone Samsung S425G and Samsung S125G on Activate Phones page
    Originally Posted by AlexTrac
    Hi there Steve,

    I read your question about the Triple Minutes for Life Benefit. Some TracFone phones and Airtime Cards include Triple Minutes for Life feature. Please be informed that the Samsung S425G is not one of those phones which has the TMLF benefit attached to it. However, if you purchase the TMLF airtime card, you can enjoy the TMLF benefit on your Samsung S425G phone. After adding the Triple Minute Airtime Card, only those purchased minutes will triple.

    Since the Samsung S425G will require a TMLF airtime card to avail the program, then we cannot assure that all retail stores or online markets will sell the Samsung S425G and the TMLF airtime card as a package. TracFone may provide the products for retail stores but the programs offered on each retailer may vary. For more details, please send us an email at [email protected].

    Thank you.


    TracFone Wireless
    Hi Alex Trac,

    I am VERY curious why so many of you people that work for Tracfone are so misinformed when it comes to the very products that you're supposed to promote.

    If you bother to simply take a look at the specs for the Samsung S425G, you will see that IT IS IN FACT, A TRIPLE MINUTE FOR LIFE PHONE. That was not even the exact question I asked on the forum. The exact question I asked was "IS EVERY SAMSUNG S425G MODEL BEING SOLD FOR TRACONE HAVE THE TRIPLE MINUTE FOR LIFE FEATURE??"

    Go ahead and read it again if you want. Thanks anyway for your reply, but you should really do your research before giving away information that happens to be incorrect, especially since you seem to work for Tracfone.

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