Now that I have your attention . . .

Cricket Kyocera Rio E3100
unlocked from Cricket and soft reset with ##786
MDN, MIN, and SID reset to Pageplus specs
Programmed OTA by Pageplus via roaming (twice)

Set to either automatic or no roaming, it will not connect to the local VZW tower (01674).
The local Pageplus store has me set the SID to 229, which is supposed to reach the local
VZW tower. But if the phone is set to "Automatic", it goes to roaming, and it appears to
connect to Burlington, NC (229), although I can't say for sure. It's not local, that's for sure.

If the phone is set to "No Roaming," the 229 SID setting that I programmed in doesn't take.
The phone starts up "Searching", and never finds a tower.
Under "Settings > Phone Info > SID" is 00000, all zeroes, although it should be 229, and
it IS 229 when the phone is set to "Automatic". ##626* shows the SID still set to 229.
Of course, with no SID loaded (SID=00000), "Searching" never finds a tower.

Pageplus support refuses to transfer me to the manual programming department.
But a Tier 1 support person who owns a Kyocera Rio E3100 has tried all she knows to do.
She said mine is programmed as it should be, but some quirk in the firmware of my phone is
not to the spec of a Pageplus-branded Kyocera Rio E3100. The two phones differ somehow.

So, before I sell my phone on eBay, is there anything else to be done?
Is there another entry point besides ##626*, *228, *22801, *22890 (NOT), or ##786 (wipe)?
In "No Roaming," s there a toggle set somewhere that prevents my SID input from being loaded?
Is there a way to manually force an SID change to 229 after the phone is up and running?
Or . . . ?