I know that these phones are Sprint branded, the packaging is typical Sprint, as are the logos on the phones.

I have actually bought, manually programmed one of the Iwireless Optimus S phones on Page Plus. They aren't locked or as far as I can tell are not any way different from a Sprint phone on a contract account.

That is the question I have, can these phones be used on a Sprint account. I have a friend that is a happy Sprint customer, he recently signed a new two year contract, and his destroyed his phone. Sprint has told him that he can buy a new phone, at full retail price. They offered him an LG Optimus S for $199. He noticed the same phone at Kroger, in the Sprint branded packaging, and asked me if he could buy one of those and use it.

So, can the Iwireless phones be used on a Sprint account, or is the ESN only good for the Kroger service?