Hi All, I've been with Rogers since 1995. Well Cantel before that... I had my sister on a Vivaz Pro with a $45 plan $25 250DT with the $20 UMB VM TXT value pack. I also have 5pm calling, UNL INC, 100 LD min all credited and R2R for $5. Because the Vivaz was a POS it lasted barely a year and the good folks at Rogers offered me a save HUP. I had issues with Reps offering me UMB incompatible phones.

On June 22nd 2012 at 5:30PM est I finally get a rep to offer me a Samsung Glide for 0.01, to extend ALL my credits, and to switch me to a $22 value pack with 100MB with a $5 credit. All in all my bill goes up $2 and I am happy.

He says his computer froze and he will have to input the changes tomorrow. He will call me back after he has done so and tells me I can go into a store and pick up a Glide after 1:00PM tomorrow. June 23rd at 4:00PM I do that, they get me the glide for 0.01 and I am on my way. I call in to confirm the changes and voila, nothing is done. No call or email the next week as well. I call in on Tuesday and the account has notes on it requesting a call. The next retensions rep comes in and can't figure out why he went in, did nothing, and closed the case. This rep again sent an email requesting contact.

Today, JULY 4th I call in again, now having spent over 3 hrs on a HUP/Renewal and Shelly from retentions tells me they cannot honor his offer because he didn't note the account. She tells me the second ret rep has renewed a few of the credits to 2015 but not all. I ask them to listen to the call its all there. Nope. Tells me nothing more can be done. I ask to be transferred to a manager and boom, conviently call gets dropped.

I am not a rogers basher, I have a 97% satisfaction rate with them. They eventually ALWAYS make it right or livable. I pay a fair price and receive great service.

I'm just tired and not in the mood to spend a 4th hour walking another csr through this minefield to get to another ret rep, to get back to where I started. I have an interaction number but it is shy of the Manager level needed before I can escalate to the OotP.

Ideas Anyone?

Thanks, Ryan