I put both names because both have something wrong...

I got my T-mobile Tap a few months ago. I had wonderful signal and everything was perfect. Literally from one day to the other the signal was terrible. It started having signal maybe 2-3 hours a day and that's only if I had it raised somewhere and flipped upside down. I expected it to return to normal but it got worse, to the point of no signal all day! I removed battery and left out for hours, repeated with sim, took everything apart and left for whole day and nothing! Everyone else in my house had signal except for me. I even went to the bigger city closest to min where there is a T-Mobile satellite around and nothing.
So then bought a cheap phone, Pantech C120 and unlocked it for use. It worked so the problem with the T-Mobile Tap must be the phone itself. It works and all but I can't get picture messages or audio and I have changed settings to T-Mobile defaults I have found numerous times and it just won't work. Also, in phone calls I get a static noise every so often and it is just plain annoying!

I do not have money to buy another phone and neither of phones have any insurance or anything so I cannot request exchange. I would much much rather be able to somehow fix my Huawei but if that's not possible then I would like to know how to properly change the settings for the pantech.

Sorry if I rambled, not sure if I made myself understandable. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!