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Thread: Can I still use my old Net10 phones?

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    Question Can I still use my old Net10 phones?

    I have a box of old Net10 phones that range 1-3 years old. Can I add a 30 day 750 minute card to these without having to call net10 for new sim cards?

    Seems all the phones say "unregistered sim", they still have phone numbers associated with them.

    One phone still has 300 minutes on it. Anyways to recoup these minutes and use them?

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    I believe that Net10 minutes evaporate if it has been over 60 days since the time ran out, not sure of the exact number. It doesn't matter what the screen says because that will be ancient history. The same goes for the phone number. Actually, the phone number can evaporate only 1 day after the time runs out. But this is usually for CDMA phones. GSM phones usually keep the number longer because it's expensive to send a new SIM for a new phone number. But your SIMs are likely way past reusable. If you try adding minutes, you will get an error because the SIM has been written off. And you might lose the minutes and have to call CS anyway. When CS just sends a SIM, you get the same brand as the phone had before. If you want a different one, you have to call the good CS. The regular CS has no control over this. And they might link the SIM to the particular phone, so you can't use it in another one if you change your mind. Keeps people from selling them, I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisme View Post
    I believe that Net10 minutes evaporate if it has been over 60 days since the time ran out, not sure of the exact number.
    With a Net10 regular PayGo card, you have 30 days past expiration to add another card and keep the minutes. After 30 days the unused minutes are lost.

    There is no grace period with any of the 30-day cards. All unused minutes are terminated on the 31st day and are unrecoverable permanently.

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