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Thread: My experience with puretalkusa

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    My experience with puretalkusa

    Hello, just wanted to post my experience with puretalkusa.

    I needed a couple of inexpensive phones for my two teens. puretalk seemed to fit the bill -- $10 a line, 100 min. (at the time I signed up in May of 2010).

    I wanted to see if I could shift minutes from one line to another -- one teen is a chatter and one isn't -- turns out that there is a family plan for $15 a month (two lines) that gives you 190 min. Found this out today when I called.

    I was a little irked because the CSR at the time I signed up didn't mention the family plan, and I don't remember seeing anything about it on the website at the time.

    So, over two years, I've overpaid $120+. I asked for some kind of refund, and was told no.

    When I asked for their street address, the rep (by this time I'd worked up to someone in corporate, supposedly) flat-out told me they do not give out their street address or phone number, not even to paying customers.

    That kind of irked me. The FCC had it for me, though:
    4113 Monticello Street
    Covington, GA 30014

    I would say that puretalkusa has a good service at an OK price but I give their customer service dept. an F.

    For those who might question my take on things, I offer the statement of R.P. McFarland, the puretalkusa CEO:

    [I]"We are a family-owned company based in the U.S. with the purpose of helping people save money on their cell phone bill. In the current economic climate, saving money is more important than ever. We are going to contact each Unlimited customer directly and make them aware of the price decrease – as a smaller company, it is also our goal to give our users the best in customer service and personal attention.”

    – R.P. McFarland, President and CEO of Pure TalkUSA
    (tried to post the link but I am new so it wouldn't let me. This appeared on marketplayground *dot* com. If you google the whole statement, you will find it.)

    Unfortunately, his statement could not be more at odds with my experience today.

    Other helpful phone numbers:
    Federal Communications Commission: 888-225-5322
    Federal Trade Commission: 877-382-4357
    State of Ga. Office of Consumer Protection: 404-651-8600 or 1-800-869-1123

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    PureTalk resells AT&T nationally as a prepaid provider rather than a regional provider unless this is another PureTalk that I'm not familiar with.

    You'll get more views on this and better feedback in the prepaid forum -

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    It's not their fault you weren't aware of their family plan. Not to mention, $120 isn't really anything over two years.

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