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Thread: Straight Talk survey email

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    Straight Talk survey email

    Within the past week, I received an email "spam" from ST, requesting that I complete a customer satisfaction survey. The link to the survey is:***your 15 digit SIM S/N goes here***

    Nice touch, tracking the results against your SIM serial number

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    cell fingerprint

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    I just accessed the survey with just the url you showed:

    I didn't enter my sim serial number.

    I didn't fill out the survey either

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    I actually replied to a ST survey I received via email this past June... though I don't recall being asked to provide any personal info. I did provide ST with plenty of negative feedback regarding the Samsung T528G (which was ST's 1st touch screen "Feature" Phone offering). Much too my surprise, ST responded... with a phone call (!!!) mentioning my T528G was still within the warranty period (which it was not) and that they would be mailing me additional instructions on how I could have my original T528G replaced with a new T528G with the latest updates. Two days later a FED-EX mailer with prepaid postage arrived and I sent my T528G off... 3 days later, a brand new T528G (with the latest updates) arrived in full retail packaging splendor! While I'm still not a huge fan of the T528G and its painfully obvious shortcomings (no matter how many updates ST/SAMSUNG may attempt). I am however, one VERY impressed ST customer... seeing how ST went out of their way and offered this level of customer support from a simple survey!

    (As for the T528G... it would be an excellent choice as a kid's 1st touch screen phone or for someone who doesn't require the bells and whistles (or expense) of a smart phone =)
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