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Thread: Transfer # from Net10 to Striaght Talk

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    Transfer # from Net10 to Striaght Talk

    Was wondering what Straight Talk will need to transfer my number from Net 10. The 25/750 is not enough for me, so i am going to test drive the 30/1000/1000/30meg on ST. I do not want to pay $50 for unlimited, as i really dislike the Net10 phone i have, and got a ST on sale for free through their website. If ST is not good enough, i'll go Airvoice. I was wanting an option where i could buy refill cards in a store, just in case i can not get to a computer to refill my AV account.

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    normally your account info with net10 like your pin. the straight talk website will walk you through it if you have access.

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