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Thread: iPhone 4S incorrect voicemail password pop-up

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    iPhone 4S incorrect voicemail password pop-up

    Nearly every time I open (slide-unlock) my new I-phone I get a pop-up saying that I entered an incorrect voicemail password. This occurs even when I had no intention of checking my voicemail before I go to do anything on the screen.

    I called AT&T customer service and they seemed oblivious to the problem. I could not get through to the foreigner on the line that I was not trying to check my voicemail, just wanted to know why the window kept popping up and how to stop it. He ended up telling me that he reset my password to the last four numbers of my phone number but it still keeps happening even if I type in those numbers.

    Is anyone here familiar with this bug or have any suggestions?

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    You can either call your vm from your phone, or reset you vm password from the website or with a csr. I had it happen when i first got my iphone 4s and just called to my vm and it was corrected after that.

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    The easiest way to fix this is to dial in to voice mail and change your password, then enter that one in the pop up.

    On your iPhone, go to the phone dial pad and HOLD the 1 key until it dials in to voice mail (it won't ask for a password.)
    Then follow these prompts:
    4 - Personal options
    2 - Administrative Options
    1 - Password options
    1 - Establish or change password.

    Enter a 4 digit password. The next time you get the pop up use that password and it should start working properly.
    I have had to do this for my father in law a couple of times.
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