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Thread: How To: Fully Flash the Galaxy S3 to Metro (Sprint or Verizon)

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    What about a Cricket Galaxy S3(SCH-R530C) ? Can you do them as well? Do I lose any features or abilities?

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    Lightbulb Necro Warning - Future FYI For everyone

    Quote Originally Posted by shane15301 View Post
    help, I think I bricked my Verizon Samsung galaxy s3 SCH-I535, I accidently flashed the wrong nv item file and it set my baseband, phone number, min,prl,eri verison, imei,imeisv and iccid to unknown....I didn't back up, it totally slipped my mind. is there anyway I can use a nv item file from another phone same model, or can someone help me out im so stuck im not tryin to chalk this galaxy up as a loss, can someone help me out, im at a loss, ive searched all oer the internet to look for a fix but I cant find one. plz pm me or reply back to post if possible I really would appreciate it.
    I did something similar to this, but had a backup. I somehow ended up borking my radio and baseband as well. I found out accidentally that you do not really need a backup for different reasons.

    1-Safest and easiest is to ODIN back to firmware you were currently running when you borked. Depending on viewpoint may not be easiest. I did this and it reset all my settings except the custom SPC/MSL I changed. Write that code down if you do change it. I did discover if you have the diag (16 digit pwd) and unlock with that in DFS it overrides the spc (set to ignore/manual) and allows you to change it.
    WARNING (May EAT CAT, Catch and or Breathe Fire!)
    2- The Least Safe or UnSafe is the hidden service menu option. IOTHiddenMenu ->TestMode Button (ServiceMode dialer code if you have it handy)->CDMA->CONTROL MENU->FILESYSTEM-> Select NV RESTORE should reboot or make a comment about such. Should one of these fix your issue, I would go back to this menu and choose the NV BackUp. This is highly suggested to be done first before fingering the nv settings. From my understanding it creates a backup of entire nvram into EFS or the FSG partition. I understand mistakes/accidents happen. There is an apk app that does this as well. Cant remember the name, NVBACKUP...? Hopefully this will be of some use to other HoFo usrs and Googlers as I would say you fixed it or moved on....

    I have the MetroPCS LTE model and I have tried these methods. YMMV...
    I have seen an odd option in the QPST 2.7b425 there is a restore default button. I have no idea if it does what it says. I do not know if it will undo something after you have written...? I have a system with the programming. I have EFS Pro 2.1.80 to mainly set phone to DIAG and launch HiddenMenu if needed, it has some really good features along with a basic NV Editor. After setting to DIAG I use DFS MAINLY for editing service programming as it has more current or specific options than QPST. I suspect that is due to QPST being an internal app and is an old version. I am paranoid after messing up a Droid X2. I used EFS Pro to backup vital partitions of my S3, then used QPST to read and save a qcn file, and lastly made a NV dump with DFS which takes an unusually long time!?! This is on top of the Phones own NV BackUp/FSG Method. A incorrectly scripted zip or recovery can wipe out your PIT! I had this happen this week where a recovery zip wrote the recovery image into my rpm partition! Talk about pissed... Also in case its needed:
    (D2MTR-TW ONLY) SCH-R530 MF2 Based Firmware 16 digit diag code is : 2ff811282ff9f323

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