KanOkla Networks, a rural wireless telecom operator serving south and north-central Kansas, has selected PureWave Quantum 3.65GHz Mobile WiMAX base stations to triple their network capacity.

“Our network had reached capacity in some of our markets, and we needed a solution to meet the needs of a new generation of data-hungry customers,” said Justin Mayo, KanOkla’s Network Operations Manager. “The 700 MHz band has excellent propagation characteristics, but the available equipment is simply not designed for high-bandwidth applications like video streaming.

KanOkla says the 3.65 GHz base stations deliver a superior link budget, increase cell radius and improve coverage. PureWave Quantum base stations are FCC certified to operate in the entire 50MHz available in the 3.65GHz band. The semi-licensed 3.65GHz band is accessible to most operators on a non-exclusive license. Operators are required to coordinate operations with other operators using the same band in the area.

“We had previously been wary of the 3.65GHz band due to FCC power output restrictions and the rumor of limited radio propagation in such a high band,” said Mayo. “However, once we started testing PureWave’s Quantum base stations we were impressed. We are seeing links as long as 8 miles and more, even with significant traffic.”

PureWave Quantum base stations utilize PureMax Smart Antenna Technology which includes multiple, self-calibrating antennas for improved link budget. This is accomplished via 6×6 MIMO technology, which optimizes network capacity – even in non-line-of-sight conditions. This is particularly important for the uplink, which is subject to the strictest FCC power limitations.

“By deploying three PureWave Quantum sectors per site, we match the coverage delivered by our 700MHz base stations, but we have tripled the capacity,” said Mayo, in a report prepared by Moonblink Communications. Moonblink Communications, a value-added distributor, provided service and support throughout KanOkla’s field trials and assisted them in their network deployment choices.